5th ECHEMS Meeting
Weingarten, Germany
June 7 - 10, 2009


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Electrochemistry in...
Functional Molecules and Materials

The design and development of materials with advanced and new functions (e.g., electric, optical, and magnetic properties, electrochromism, catalytic activity) is one of the key challenges in a changing world. Chemists understand a material on the basis of the constituting molecules, and these possess functionality themselves. Electrochemistry contributes to the progress in this exciting field through both synthetic and analytical approaches. Electron transfer to and from surface confined or dissolved species (sometimes in non-conventional environments such as ionic liquids) facilitates the synthesis of new molecules and materials. It allows the detailed characterization of their properties and it might switch on and off desirable features.
At the heart of scientific research in this area is a mechanistic understanding of the underlying (electro)chemical reactions. In addition, the knowledge of how the properties change as one goes from molecules to molecular assemblies, nano-objects and, eventually, bulk materials is also essential.
Experimental studies using electrochemical methods with high temporal and spatial resolution complemented by spectroscopic techniques contribute to the investigation of fundamental and applied problems not only in electrochemistry but also in synthetic chemistry, materials science and surface science.


photo: R. Beck, Weingarten

The 5th ECHEMS meeting will support the interaction between these scientific areas. Distinguished invited lecturers, as well as senior and young researchers from all over the world will have the opportunity to exchange ideas in lectures, posters and intensive discussions to trigger collaborations in the stimulating environment of a quiet former monastery. Interested scientists are strongly encouraged to contribute to these developments.

Akademie photo: Akademie, Weingarten Discussed topics include

• redox-active monomers, polymers and materials: basic research and application

• electrochemistry of nanostructures and electrochemical methods for their investigation

• electrosynthesis of molecules and materials

• new electroanalytical techniques for characterization of redox-active species, materials and supramolecular assemblies

• electrochemistry in non-conventional environments


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