How is Quantities used?

Quantities consists of header files and libraries. The header files should be included into C++ programs which use Quantities, while the libraries should be used in the link process. Quantities was developed with gcc v. 3.2. Older versions of the gcc could not cope with some of the C++ language features used in the code. Consequently, this compiler is recommended.
The header files and libraries are collectively distributed. They fall into several parts:

  1. Quantity contains the base declarations and template definitions for various classes used with the Quantities context.

  2. PhysicalQuantities contains code and template specializations for a selected set of physical quantities including their units according to IUPAC recommendations. This set is by no means comprehensive, and will be extended.

  3. GeneralQuantities contains code for some generally usable quantities (currently, a Digital and an Empty quantity).

For details of use, see the user manual.

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