The Quantities Package - Documentation

Documentation of various versions of the Quantities package are available at (note in particular the user's manuals):

Documentation of the BSUtilities helper package is available at:

Documentation for your installation can be generated and installed as described in the README file. This file also informs you where the final documentation resides on your system. The source code contains test programs which show some practical examples of use. These can be generated with `make check'.
Additional information is being collected in a wiki type information resource here.

Due to some inconsistencies, the test programs for version 1.2 can not be compiled. A revised version is been posted (version 1.2.1).
Also, although the code of Quantities version 1.2 and BSUtilities 0.6 works when gcc v. 3.3.3 is used to compile, more recent version of the gnu C++ compiler, such as the most recent 4.1.2 pre-release (included in openSuSE 10.2), do find errors, most of them owing to more restricted lookup rules for templated names. This has been inproved in version 1.2.1 and BSutilities 0.6.1. However, some of the changes are not backward compatible with gcc 3.3.3, so an alternative is released as version 1.2.1-oldgcc. Please download according to your compiler version. Furthermore, gcc 4.2.1 (default compiler in the openSuSE 10.3 distribution) does not compile the test programs of Quantities version 1.2.1. The libraries are correctly generated. This issue has been solved in versions 1.2.2/0.6.2. Gcc compiler versions up to 4.3.x have been used.

Please note in addition to the instructions in the installation documentation:
To compile the Boost library (version 1.34.1, which is needed to compile BSUtilities and Quantities; more recent version of Boost do not work!),

  1. Substitute in file boost/date_time/date_facet.hpp (line 432)
    typedef special_values_parser<date_type,CharT> special_values_parser_type;
    typedef boost::date_time::special_values_parser<date_type,CharT> special_values_parser_type;
  2. Add
    to boost/test/test_tools.hpp.
  3. To compile with gcc (versions 4.3.x) on a x86_64 system, add the CXXFLAG -DBOOST_NO_INTRINSIC_INT64_T to the Boost build process.

Please report bugs and problems to the author.

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